Q? What can I do with Reemo™?
A: Reemo™  empowers you to control the environment around you through gesture. Reemo™  brings you that ability through our unique point and control technology.

Q? How does Reemo™ work?
A: The Reemo™ band works by interpreting your movement into unique gestures and transmitting the associated commands over Bluetooth to the host system.

Q? What devices can I control?
A: With Reemo™ you can control supported home automation systems and have general control of your Windows PC and Mac computer. Reemo™ also enables the control of traditional binary electronics such as lamps and fans.

Q? What home automation systems are compatible?
A: While our goal is to make Reemo™ accessible to everyone, currently Reemo™ is compatible with open home automation systems. As we continue to build partnerships, Reemo™ will become compatible with an increasing number of home automation systems.

Q? What computer operating systems does Reemo™ support?
A: Windows PC and Mac computers.

Q? What mobile operating systems does Reemo™ support?
A: Our goal with Reemo™ is to reduce the dependence on hand-held devices for home automation. Consequently, Reemo™ does not require a mobile operating system for operation, but future versions may include a companion app to expand functionality.

Q? I’m a developer. Can I develop for Reemo™?
A: Currently, we are working on producing an API for developers. We cannot wait to see what you can do with Reemo™. Please stay tuned for this exciting opportunity by subscribing to our mailing list.

Q? When can I order my Reemo™?
A: We will be accepting pre-orders soon. Subscribe to our email newsletter for updates and discount offers.