We are looking for visionaries, inventors, developers, hobbyists, tinkerers and dreamers who want to create new ways to use Reemo.

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Not just another wearable.

While using Reemo’s gesture controls provides a universal, unifying interface for your world, we always saw that as just the beginning. A wearable controller that is part of daily life, can also learn individual users preferences, anticipate needs, making people’s lives easier, safer, and more fun.

Version 1 of Reemo will include:

Future Reemo versions could include:

What does Reemo work with?

We have been working to make Reemo compatible out of the box with different systems. Now we are inviting hobbyists and startups, as well as brands you already know and love to become compatible with Reemo. Here are just a few systems that Reemo is compatible with.


OpenHome is the standard for connected home devices. When you buy any connected product or service with the OpenHome Certified mark, you can be confident that those products and services will work together.


AllJoyn was initially developed by Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc. and is now a collaborative open source project of the AllSeen Alliance, AllJoyn gives manufacturers and developers the tools they need to invent new ways for smart things to work together.


Harmony’s products are connected with over 270,000 devices including Samsung®, Apple®, Roku®, LG, Sony®, Nest, Philips® hue, Lutron® lights and blinds, Honeywell and many others.


Create your own connections with one simple statement – “if this then that.” For example, “If I use Reemo to shut off my alarm clock, then start the coffee maker.”

More Coming Soon

We are currently working with additional partners and platforms to add compatibility to Reemo. We’ll announce those once they are finalized. Interested in having Reemo compatible with your system? Please contact us.