The Samsung & Reemo Case Study at the Ohio Masonic Home

Reemo is reinventing the senior living experience by giving back your independence without sacrificing your quality of life.


Reemo enables seniors, families, and care providers to deliver the best possible senior living experience. We improve quality of life by making technology simple and easy to use, while strengthening the connections to the people you care about. By using industry-leading Wearable and Smart Home devices, we're transforming the senior living experience to start with your loved ones, wherever they are.



"We chose to partner with Reemo because it offers a compassionate, non-intrusive solution to making our client’s lives easier. Reemo provides help to those in every stage of the aging journey, from home to the hospital, and makes each of those transitions easier for the person, family and facility."

Thomas Stofac, CEO of The Ohio Masonic Home

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